Aston Martin Cygnet 2013

From a distance, you may not think much of this economy sized hatchback. But with a few steps closer it becomes more and more clear that you’re looking at possibly the most luxurious city car in the world. The Aston Martin Cygnet is the baby in the Aston family but a well- deserved member none the less. Hand crafted and loaded with options, this city bug is personable, prestigious and anything but unimpressive. The Cygnet has been decorated to be recognized like any of its big brothers. Everything, from the bonnet mesh, to the zinc side-strakes, to the badge that we all recognize, bellows out Aston. Like its family members, LED tail lights and bi-halogen headlights are used to ensure roads are well seen. But, unlike its big brothers, the Cygnet packs a different, more convenient kind of punch. With a 1.33-liter dual WT-I 1-4 engine, you’ll get a fantastic 56.5 combined mpg. Inside, you find all the same leather, smell and high-end quality you find in any other Aston Martins making the driving experience a pleasure with every mile the Cygnet takes you.

Aston Martin Cygnet 2013 photoAston Martin Cygnet 2013 backAston Martin Cygnet 2013 interiorAston Martin Cygnet 2013 photo2

Price: $49,595
Engine: 1.33-liter 1-4
Horsepower: 97
0-62: 11.8 seconds
Top Speed: 106 mph
Transmission: 6-Speed Manual
Torque: 92 foot-pounds