Energica Ego45 2015

A seriously upgraded version of the Energica Ego, the Ego45 features Ohlins suspension, a carbon fiber fairing with a ceramic finish, Oz forged aluminum wheels, and Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa tires. The powerplant is identical to the standard Ego, which means huge amounts of torque at low rpm and respectable horsepower as revs climb past midrange. There are four riding modes, as well as four regenerative maps. In the fast charge mode, the Ego45’s 11.7 kilowatt/hour battery can regain 85-percent of its charge in a half hour. The buyer can add additional options, as well as pick up the Ego45 at the factory with a personal tour.

Engine: Permanent Magnet AC
Bat. cap.: 11.7 kWh
Max. Power: 136 hp @ 4900 – 10,500 rpm
Max. torque: 144 ft/lbs @ 0- 4700 rpm
Tires: Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa
Seat height: 31.9 inches
Curb weight: 569 pounds
Price: $68,000

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