Galpin Ford GTR1

The Ford GT’s limited run made them instant collectibles. Now, a decade later, Galpin Auto Sports has stepped up to build a lighter, more powerful and civilized interpretation of a classic. Adding five inches of width and almost a foot of length has allowed for more creature comforts along with improved aerodynamics. Losing the supercharger and adding two giant turbochargers allows the 5.4-liter V-8 to push out 1,024 horsepower and 739 foot-pounds of torque. That level of power combined with the sleek all-aluminum body provides a 0-60 mph time of 3.1 seconds and top speed of 225 mph. Braking via big carbon rotors only requires 18 seconds from 200 mph. To showcase their prowess in coachbuilding, Galpin has spared no expense on the interior. The cockpit is awasn in hand-crafted leather from Bridge of Weir and machined aluminum. Sound and heat insulation were strategically placed along with a McIntosh audio system. Unencumbered by the overhead of a large automaker, Galpin is offering the body in aluminum or carbon fiber, with pricing for the latter starting at $ 1,024,000. If Ford built the GT today, this would be it.Galpin Ford GTR1 profileGalpin Ford GTR1 rear3qtrGalpin Ford GTR1 frontGalpin Ford GTR1 rearGalpin Ford GTR1 headlightGalpin Ford GTR1 interior

Price: $1,024,000
Engine: 5.4Ltwin-turbcV-8
Horsepower: 1,024 hp
0-60: 3.1 secoids
Top Speed: 225 mph
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Torque: 739 foot-pounds