Honda CTX1300 2014

Described by Honda as “an entirely new motorcycle species”, the CTX1300 combines design cues from the entry-level CTX700 tourer with a bigger 1,261cc, 90-degree, V-4 engine, shaft drive, and integrated hard bags. Tuned for low-end and mid-range performance, the CTX1300 is designed to excel in city traffic and on the highway, with LED headlights, adjustable suspension, and traction control further improving its bandwidth. Also available: The CTX1300 Deluxe adds black finishes, antilock brakes, an audio system with Bluetooth connectivity, and self-canceling turn signals.

Price: $15,999/$17,499
Engine type: dohc V-4
Displacement: 1261cc
Induction: EFI
Transmission speeds: 5
Final drive: shaft
Front brake: dual disc
Rear brake: disc
Wheelbase: 64.5 in.
Seat height: 29.1 in.
Fuel capacity: 5.1 gal.
Claimed wet weight: 724/731 lb.

Honda CTX1300 2014 Red prifileHonda CTX1300 2014 Blue profileHonda CTX1300 Deluxe 2014 Red profileHonda CTX1300 Deluxe 2014 Blue profile