Honda Sabre ABS 2014

Like big V-twins? Long, sleek, raked-out, and powerful, the Sabre combines eye-catching pro-street styling with strong low-end and midrange torque for responsive acceleration, smooth highway cruising, and great fun in just about any riding environment. Minimalism is the primary theme here, as electrical wires, brake cables, and coolant lines are either hidden completely or routed as cleanly as possible to ensure an attractive, uncluttered appearance, especially in Black. Also available: The Sabre ABS is the very same motorcycle but equipped with antilock brakes.

Price: $12,250/$13,250
Engine type: sohc V-twin
Displacement: 1312cc
Induction: EFl
Transmission speeds: 5
Final drive: shaft
Front brake: disc
Rear brake: disc
Wheelbase: 70.3 in.
Seat height: 26.9 in.
Fuel capacity 4.4 gal.
Claimed wet weight: 664/679 lb.