Porsche Boxster GTS 2015

All new for 2015 is the addition of the GTS to the Boxster lineup. Sitting at the top of the range, the GTS gained considerably more power and Porsche’s Active Suspension Management System for the new year. Rated at 330 horsepower, nearly 120 more than the base model, and 273 foot­pounds of torque, the Boxster GTS becomes the car that it always should have been. By no means is the base Boxster a slouch in the corners, but you always got the sense that there was so much more potential to be had from a mid-engine sports car. The Boxster has been touted as one of this generation’s best driver’s cars; the GTS goes even further to highlight that accolade. If you prefer three pedals, the GTS offers a six speed manual in addition to the PDK automatic. Black 20-inch Carrera wheels and smoked daytime running lights combined with the gaping air intakes make the GTS as sleek and sophisticated as they come. Fully loaded, the GTS is several thousand dollars less than a bare bones 911, and it’s ready to hit the track.Porsche Boxster GTS 2015 photo1Porsche Boxster GTS 2015 photo2Porsche Boxster GTS 2015 interior

Price: $77,460
Engine: 3.4L H6
Horsepower: 330
0-60: 4.6 seconds
Top Speed: 174 mph
Transmission: 6-speed manual, 7-speed automatic PDK
Torque: 273 foot-pounds