Range Rover Sport SVR 2015

With a long history of blurring the distinctions between hardcore off road brutes and posh boulevard cruising SUVs, Land Rover’s Sport model combines the best of both worlds. Aluminum is the magic metal the supercharger is comprised of, as are the engine, transmission, wheels and unitized body. With a focus on weight savings and 542 horsepower on tap, tne Sport accelerates like a muscle car and is less likely to get stuck when the pavement ends. More than half-a-million Sports have been sold since 2006, breathing new life into the brand. Changes to the Sport’s Supercharged and Autobiography editions for 2015 are incremental, pending the upcoming launch of the new Range Rover Sport SVR. In a July press release, Land Rover formally announced the SVR as lapping the Nurburgring in a blistering 8:14, just as fast as the Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG. As the flagship for an SVR series of Land Rover and Jaguar products, the body features many changes to optimize aerodynamics and cooling systems. True to form, it retains the two-speed transfer case and the ability to ford 33.5 inches of water.Range Rover Sport SVR 2015 profileRange Rover Sport SVR 2015 photoRange Rover Sport SVR 2015 frontRange Rover Sport SVR 2015 backRange Rover Sport SVR 2015 interior1Range Rover Sport SVR 2015 interior1Range Rover Sport SVR 2015 interior3

Price: $110,475
Engine: 5.0L supercharged V-8
Horsepower: 542
0-60: 4.5 seconds
Top Speed: 162 mph
Transmission: 8-speed automate
Torque: 501 foot-pounds