Saleen Foursixteen

Many journalists decried the electric car as the death of the performance industry. Steve Saleen has now proven otherwise with his version of the Tesla Model S. In order to build a track-capable sedan, extensive aerodynamic changes include new front and rear bumpers, hood, rocker panels and an aggressive chin spoiler. Saleen has installed a locking differential and increased the gear ratio from 9,73 to 11.39, allowing for quicker acceleration. A completely bespoke interior includes a new console, four race inspired bucket seats, sport steering wheel and acres of contrasting two-tone leather. The top-level package is their Black Label edition. Saleen has combined old world crafts­manship and aftermarket performance to create an electric supercar.Saleen Foursixteen profileSaleen Foursixteen rearSaleen Foursixteen interior

Price: $152,000
Engine: 85 KW Electric Motor
Horsepower: 416
0-60: 4 seconds
Top Speed: TBA
Transmission: one-speed direct drive